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Allen-Edmonds - Strand (Walnut Calf) Men's Lace Up Cap Toe Shoes

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You want to buy Allen-Edmonds - Strand (Walnut Calf) Men's Lace Up Cap Toe Shoes. Get Cheap Allen-Edmonds - Strand (Walnut Calf) Men's Lace Up Cap Toe Shoes at best online store now!
Make a memorable impression with the refined elegance of the Strand cap-toe balmoral from Allen-Edmonds®. ; Premium leather uppers with all-over perforated brogue design for elevated style. ; Six-eyelet lace-up closure provides a customized fit. ; Smooth and breathable leather lining. ; Leather-lined footbed. ; Features a single oak leather sole. ; Manufactured on the welted 65 Last. A clas...
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